Popular Treatments


One of the most popular cosmetic skin care treatments available is diamond microdermabrasion. Microdermabrasion treatments use a minimally abrasive instrument to gently sand your skin, removing the thicker, uneven outer layer.

IPL Photofacial

Photofacial is a non-abrasive and non-invasive rejuvenation of your skin using the intense pulsed light (IPL). It is a FDA approved, non-invasive skincare treatment that targets sun spots, age spots, uneven skin tone and pigmented areas.

Ultrasound Cavitation

Ultrasound Cavitation is a non-invasive body contouring treatment that uses high-frequency sound waves to break down fat cells, sometimes called fat melting.


Microcurrent treatment is a non invasive cosmetic electrotherapy that uses low electric currents passed through the face to produce several therapeutic effects such as facials muscle toning and micro-lifting of the whole face” with no downtime.